Terms and Conditions of Trading

Should you require any additional information, please contact me.


I am happy to provide a formal quotation for any project (usually emailed as a PDF, but a printed copy can be posted if requested). The quotation will usually be valid for 30 days, and will include my standard terms and conditions of trading in full.

Payment Terms

Unless otherwise agreed, my standard payment terms are as follows:

Origination (creative work) : 50% deposit with order, balance invoiced on 30 day terms following completion.

Where there is a delay in the completion of a project that is outside of my control (for example, I cannot complete the project because I am awaiting information, materials or approval from you) I will invoice you for part or all of the project fee according to what I fairly deem to be complete.

Printing (and other 3rd party supplies) : Payment in full in advance with order.

Any variation to these terms will be stated on the quotation.

I accept payment by cheque or BACS transfer.

Late payment is treated seriously, with costs and interest sought where appropriate in accordance with current UK late payment legislation.


All creative work I produce is owned by me until paid for in full. Once paid for, ownership transfers to you in full and you are free to use any design or artwork I produce for you as many times as you wish, in whatever way you wish. For example, if I produce an advert for you, once you have paid for the advert you can use it as many times as you wish and in whatever publications you wish. I retain the right to display any work I have produced for you as part of my portfolio, or digitally for promotionally purposes such as on this web site, and to include a small link to my site in the footer of any web site I produce for you, unless you specifically request otherwise.

Digital Copies

I will keep copies of any creative work I produce for you for at least one year, but usually longer. These will be kept digitally, in the form they were created in. You can request a copy of the work free of charge at any time. Please note that I use professional software (typically from the Adobe Creative Suite on a Mac OS platform) so although I can provide you with a copy of the digital files, I cannot guarantee you will be able to open or use them unless you have, and can use, similar design software.

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