It's hardly good practice to guide you away, but in the spirit of all things web here are some muses for you.

Some arty things I like, admire, draw inspiration from, or sometimes just find bewilderingly brilliant.

Stuff I feel like sharing. Enjoy!

Zdzisław Beksiński

I discovered Beksiński when working on a gig programme; I got lost for hours, days, in this man's extraordinary art.


J W Waterhouse

To balance Beksiński, the beauty of Waterhouse. Athena'd to death, yes, but hand & brush - I need an Apple Mac!


Alphonse Mucha

Precision geometry married with fluid, natural, organic lines. Dedication and inspiration in equal measures. Genius.



Kumi creates with physical light and shadow. I think it's her total attention to detail that appeals.


Vivian Maier

An unusual woman. Her 1000s of photographs were undiscovered until her death. Art for art's sake.



RAR, and Steel Pulse, helped set my path. I'm forever grateful. Love and good always. Selah . . .


Christian Richter

Christian is a photographer who has a habit of breaking into old, decaying buildings and capturing their mood.


LP Covers

Fun to argue over. Here's my favourite (Zappa), though Barnbrook's Black Star (Bowie) is genius.


Kate Bush

Kate ruined my O levels. I was studiously revising until she arrived. I had no chance - my world changed.

Sensual World

Steve Harley

Cockney Rebel just did that No.1 'Make Me Smile' right? Wrong! Do, please, take a longer, deeper look.


David Bowie

David pushed creative boundaries, made mistakes, never settled. In any creative field, that ain't easy.

Sound & Vision

David Byrne

Talking Heads front man Byrne couldn't make his school choir. Let that be a lesson. Coolest geek on the planet?

Stop Making Sense

Tim Buckley

Such an insane range to his voice, tipping into madness at times. I'd swap my design talents for his voice, any day.


Nick Drake

Like Amy Winehouse and so many others, it seems creative genius comes with a curse. But he left us beauty.

Northern Sky


Surely one of the finest lyricists of our time. Great song this, even if the video is on the cheesy side.



I never tire of this. The performance is just so perfect. Paranoid Android live on Jools. From a great height indeed.

Paranoid Android


One of the few songs I can play on key boards. Well, part of it anyway! Dreamy, wonderful.


Cocteau Twins

Mind altering magic. I haven't a scooby doo what Liz is singing about, but it always cheers me up!

Iceblink Luck

Aldous Harding

I've been living in an Aldous Harding world for some time, and it's lovely! Absorbing, fascinating and lovely!

Official site

The Cure

Everyone needs a good cure now and then. Bless you Robert Smith, this is how love songs should sound.

Pictures of You

Marx Bros

Way, way, way ahead of their time. Can we start a campaign to bring back Marx Brothers films at Christmas?


Betty Blue

Flawed, cheesy in places, but still a visual treat with fine moments for dreamers. Avoid the director's cut!


12 Angry Men

I've always loved this film, and I'm glad it enjoys 'classic' status. Just in case you haven't seen it . . .



Last word to my brother, who gave all he had to warm the hearts of others. Your joy is still ours Richard.


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