Green Policy (by design!)

I'm no saint, but I am lucky enough to be in a profession that can be reasonably 'green'.

So I've set up my business to be as environmentally-friendly as possible.



After 13 very good years renting a Norwich Studio I took the decision to work from a home studio from 2021. My commuting miles are therefore zero! Occasionally I need to travel to see clients, and I target a maximum of 1,000 miles per year for business trips.



Waste created in my studio is kept to a minimum and recycled where possible. Coffee is in mugs, never take away cups! Printing is kept to the absolute minimum, and design proofs are digital - not printed.



With barely any in-house printing, consumables such as paper and inkjet supplies are minimal. Incoming paper is reused or recycled. Electricals are switched off rather than left on stand by and all batteries are eneloop rechargeables.



I balance finding the right quality and price for my clients with my desire to use responsible suppliers. Printing is typically purchased from partners who use sustainable paper supplies (more about this below).

Responsible printing

The biggest impact my trade is likely to make on the environment is designing things that are destined for print. Fortunately paper suppliers and printers are aware of this too, and are able to provide reasonably good solutions.

My preference is always to place orders with print partners who obtain their paper from sustainable sources. A good example of this is FSC certification - where practical I will order print from a printer with this accreditation. More information about FSC can be found by clicking here.


For large print runs, several schemes exist where the impact of the printing can be 'carbon offset'. In such cases I will recommend this to my clients. One excellent example of this is a regular publication I design and get printed for my client LEMKEN.

The document is an A5 landscape, full colour 32 page magazine. It is printed on 170gsm silk paper and has a print run in the region of 85,000 copies. LEMKEN were very agreeable to pay a small additional fee (around 2% of the print cost) to have the publication 'carbon balanced'. They have used accredited schemes available from The World Land Trust and The Woodland Trust for this, and in exchange for this commitment they are able to use appropriate accreditation logos on their printed magazine.

If you would like to know more about these schemes, please contact me or click the links below.




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